Jumping back on the food wagon

23 05 2011

Sorry that this is one of those, “I haven’t blogged in a long time, I’m going to start over” posts…but well, it is. I’m planning a come back tour of sorts. I have lots planned for this blog and lots of potential content to add. I’m in the process of starting another 28 day marathon of cooking, CSA season is almost here, my wife Mollie is almost ready to have our second child, a girl and I’ve vowed to achieve another longstanding goal of mine: to publish a cookbook! Albeit, a self-published cookbook….but still I vow, and thats whats really important right?
If you’ve ever thought of making a similar goal of writing or some other creative literary endeavor…one interesting resource Ive discovered is: http://www.lulu.com/publish/cookbooks/ Check it out sometime, its pretty interesting how we have technology affecting the way people create and communicate these days.




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25 05 2011

what is the theme; or is there a theme this time?

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